Cygnets Diary 2022

Cygnet Programme



Animal Cupcakes - we will be decoraing cupcakes in different animals - this will be a great start back to Cygnets! Yum!

February  12th     

No Meeting 

March   12th

Silouettes & Flowers - create silouettes, ruffles and flower

April  9th

Decorating Easter Eggs - Different decoration

May  14th

A Cute Puppy - Learn to make these really cute puppies - These are so easy and lovely to make.

June 11th

Decopaige Picture - Build a picture by layering

July 9th

Rose & Leaves - Making a rose with leaves, including dusting to get a better realistic look



September 10th

High Heeled Shoes - Make and decorate a high heeled shoe with diamontes, feathers and glitter

October 8th 

Decorating a mask  - Decorate your own mask ideal for a cake topper

November 12th

Christmas Chocolate Orange Character

We will be making a character out of a chocolate orange


Christmas Nativity Scene - create your own winter nativity scene