Events Diary

Cake made and decorated by Louise Embling

Events Diary


8th January

Tessa Whitehouse demonstration Filigree tree, wedding sleigh and a bowl in royal icing and hands on practice doing the filigree tree.

5th February

Erica Fernando- Demonstration and workshop of Tattoo style cut outs

5th March

Demonstration and workshop of a David Austin rose (led by Louise Embling) Our AGM will be held at 7pm for 30 mins, all welcome. (This is a change to the original published programme).

2nd April

Wendy Field demonstrating Lace cap Hydrangea

7th May

Workshop making lace cap hydrangea

4th June

Vicky Turner- Demonstration of a pirate model and two other expressions

2nd July

Workshop using Saracino paste to make a Pirate model and try other facial expressions.

6th August

Demonstration and workshop by Debbie Cox making rice paper flowers

3rd September

Marisa Kemp- Demonstration of a model of a girl.(This is a change from the previously published programme, Cassie Brown will now be demonstrating in March 2020.

1st October

Speed workshop- Try your hand at different skills in one evening

5th November

Justine Talbot - Demonstration of high heeled shoes

3rd December

Workshop- Making a high heeled shoe


7th January

  Louise Wilson- Demonstration Making and using pastillage                         

4th February

Workshop creating a pastillage art noveau trinket box

3rd March

Cassie Brown- Demonstration of a hibiscus flower and date palm from her new book of Kew flowers (TBC)

7th April

AGM at 7pm followed by workshop making the flower demonstrated in Cassie's dem last month.

5th May

Debbie Brown- demonstration of a Cinderella cake topper

2nd June

Workshop to make the Cinderella figure (torso only) from last month's demonstration

7th July

Ann White- demonstration of Bas Relief

4th August

Workshop of Bas Relief (TBC)

1st September

Lou Woods- Demonstration of a Fuschia flower (TBC)

6th October

Workshop to make the fuschia flower from last month's demonsration

3rd November

Janet Pavey- Demonstration of a Christmas Bauble

1st December

Workshop making the Christmas bauble from last month's demonstration.