2018 October Fairy Houses

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Fairy House

by Louise

    Cygnets  13 October 2018

Fairy Houses

On Saturday Cygnets made Fairy Houses

We had 18 Cygnets (with a few new to the group)

We started with a dummy cake on a board and then we added the fondant to the sides and included parts of the trunk at the bottom. 

When we completed covering the dummy cake, we added texture to make the fondant look like the bark of the tree.


When we had completed this effect, LouiseI let the group use their own imaginations as to how they wanted their Fairy Houses to look.

Louise was really impressed with all their work and they really enjoyed it. 

The Cygnets used lots of skills during the session also:

Using a dummy cake

Adding fondant to the sides/top of a dummy cake

Bark effect,

Painting fondant (real look effect)


Using moulds

Piping vines

Adding decoration 

Louise thought all the group did extremely well in the 2 hours we had..  WELL DONE